joi, 27 noiembrie 2014

To be a sick man in Romania

To be a sick man in Romania means, most of the times, not to have any chance in front of Death!
The medecins aren't available, the investigations have to be paid, doctors lack interest and all the other things that are against sick people.
I visited the hospital yesterday. I have seen Christ on the faces of those people suffering. All of you that are reading my blog, let's help them! It is not humam to abandon them. At the blood section at the University Hospital from Bucharest, lead by my angel sent from God to heal everybody, Mrs Ana Maria Vladareanu, everything is so crowded. A lot of things are needed for a good management.
Let's help them , please! The holidays are close and I would like to visit all the sick peole and to bring joy on their faces.
The Good Lord healed me from cancer. I cannot heal them but I pray for them and I give them joy and hope.

Fixed malfunction

Good evening!
Before posting a new story or to invite you to write to me all your opinions I would like to say that until today our blog had a malfunction witch forbid our readers to post their comments.
At present the malfunction has been restored and all the comments are possible.
Hoping that this wouldn't stop you visit our web, I wish you all a lovely evening!

miercuri, 19 noiembrie 2014

Winter holidays

The winter holidays and the birth of our Lord are close.

Now i am in the hospital to help an ill man. Dear God, the hospitals are full of helpless people! It's not fair! Some of us, who had more luck, they will enjoy the holidays with the dear ones but how about all those people standing alone in the hospitals?

Let's help them, please! We must help them now, when it's not too late. I pray that the Good Lord to give you wisdom and to judge with your heart.

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A picture with me when after i have defeated cancer:

miercuri, 5 noiembrie 2014


In every report that you read definitely the XXIst century disease is the LONELISESS. This, associated with the blood diseases may cause death.

I have seen and lived awful moments. Two whole years spent in hospital hoping to survive affected me enormously. I had near me my brother, my unclesm my aunts, cousins and many real friends. But i have seen my ill companions lonely and abandonned. This is not right!

I have cried for them and i have tried to help them but, unfortunately, i was also in the hospital.
But starting now, when Dear Lord didn't let me die but ti live, i have dedicated my life to the ill people.

Please join me in healing the suffrance of all these ill people! The Christmas hollidays that we are all waiting should be a reason of joy for those people too. They don't have medicines and they don't have money for their investigations. Le's help them! Money don't bring happyness but in hospitals, to those people, they will. I wanted to make a foundation but all the byrocracy and the hidden thoughts of some of the people I know forced me not to do it. I have opened two accounts at the bank. Those who want to help from the little that they have in order to bring a few smiles on these people's faces are free to do it.

I wish for you that the Good Lord to give you wisdom and to consider with the heart these things. Life is beautiful and it must be lived with love.

Euro Account; RO98RZBR0000060017207981 (SWIFT RZBR ROBU)
Lei Account: RO79RZBR0000060013404565